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4" Close Elbow
Part Number CLOSE
4" Close Elbow
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Innovative lightweight aluminum ell that Turns 90? within a 4 1/2" space. Great for uses in tight turn locations like exterior walls with a Dryerbox. Not as effecient as the regular gooseneck adjustable Ell or our Long Turn Ells.
Note: If more than 48 units are desired, either create a second (new) order or contact us prior to completing your order. 
Questions and Answers
Q: my dryer set up requires 3 elbows to get to the exterior before going thrugh the wall, arox. 4'. I want to use your dryerbox vent cover but need some help to get the best duct and elbos for the best air flow possibe with the conditions I,m working with . Could you plese inform me to the most effient way to set this up? The dryer is a Whirlpool Cabrio. Thank you for your help. Sincerely, Jim
Asked by:  - 11/7/2014 (Submit an answer)
A: Jim, you may want to call me (Rick) at the office to better describe the "path". The Close El, this store item, is very inefficient. The twisty turn more common elbow is not much better but inexpensive and easy to get locally. The long turn ell creates the same friction loss as straight pipe, and tests out at 500% more efficient than the typical ell, but, it is expensive and its big. If you have room for it, great. Also, consider a dryerbox, and also consider mounting the dryerbox on its side to possibly remove one ell. Make sure you visit the Photo Gallery at dryerbox.com www.dryerbox.com/photo_gallery.htm
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close elbows 4"
My installation requireed using three of the ells in a distance of 4.5'. This is not recommended but there was no other way to do this vent job. Before there was a piece of flex plastic pipe and one of the cheap pastic dampers on the out side. replaced with the dryer box, 3 ells and 4feet of rigid 4" pipe.We have a large capasity Whirlpool dryer and it now drys eveything in just one settig this is due to the improved air flow. I wil and would buy this product again. Hope this helps make your purchase.
Reviewed by: inflorida from Ocala. on 12/8/2014
Just the right thing
As an engineer I try to make things work as best they can. In Alaska, the dryer is hardly considered in the older houses. So, this Close vent helps maximize space and avoids a crushed flex pipe. It gets closer to the wall than most fittings and has the least amount of affect on exhaust to the dryer. I recommend this over just about all the other ells.
Reviewed by: Steve from Anchorage, Alaska. on 12/24/2013
Very nice!
This thing feels like a tank when compared to the other elbows I've ever used (admittedly, that's not very many). It's sturdy as hell, and I feel very comfortable with the notion that it's going to stand up to the inevitable moving about that happens when connected to a dryer. Very smooth interior.
Reviewed by: Ryan L from Minneapolis, MN. on 9/7/2012
Exactly what I needed with very little room against an outside block wall. Used Flex Aluminum duct next inline and again to make another transition vertically. Then a 90 Ell to turn into attic. Great products to make a safe, smooth dryer vent! Thanks!
Reviewed by: David Herrling from DeBary FL. on 7/22/2012
Excellent Product
Glad to have found this product, and avoided the delivery guy's recommendation for flexible duct! This product made it possible to install a dryer with minimal clearance while maintaining safety and airflow.
Reviewed by: GH from MD. on 6/22/2012
Close elbow solves space problem
Exactly what was needed with very little room behind dryer. Avoided hose crimp that practically prevented dryer from functioning before this.
Reviewed by: Philip Marcus from Beaverton OR. on 5/6/2012
handy dad
I have often seen the ad in fine home building magazine and thought the idea was great, so when the need arose I bought one online. It came quickly, installed easily and looks great. It works flawlessly. I think every new dryer location should take advantage of the dryerbox. It just makes sense.
Reviewed by: Griff Hearn from 1548 W. Northern Phoenix,AZ. on 3/8/2012
Owner, Vent Cleaning Service
Great product. I install these elbows along with a DryerFlex hose on most jobs. The rotating connections at both ends makes it easy to route the transition hose when moving the dryer back into place.
Reviewed by: Carl Jones from Clovis, CA. on 12/28/2011
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