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45 Degree Long-Turn Ell
Part Number LT45
45 Degree Long-Turn Ell
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NEW ITEM 45 Degree Long Turn Dryer Elbow - Overcomes Length of Run Issues and Increases Efficiency

The Dryer-Ell has a longer radius and smooth interior that reduces friction. It can be measured the same as straight pipe, eliminating the run-length reduction currently required for other elbows in most building codes.  More Detail and Specifications 

Click Here to see if your favorite supply house already has them in stock (if not, you'll also find tips on how to get them to carry Dryer-Ells).

Consider our Bonus Kits that save you even more money when you buy them as a kit. 
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Use Spooge & a screw & insulate the whole run
I am a BPI certified contractor and improving dryer duct runs is one of my ways to reduce Green House Gas Emmissions. Use these fittings wherever you can. Avoid flex pipe as much as possible. Duct sealant is another name for spooge. apply it gingerly to the seam before assembly and smooth out the inside if any squeezes out. The tabs and pipe ends can be evened up on the pipe by tapping a little and being smarter than the sheet metal. Also, it is possible to actually hard pipe right up to the dryer and move the washer in place last so you don't use flex on the dryer. This is a part that is worth purchasing because it will pay for itself eventually and installing it properly helps to keep the planet habitable for a little longer.
Reviewed by: A.J. from sebastopol. on 3/13/2014
45 degree ell
These are very well built. they are easy to work with as well.
Reviewed by: Brian from Farmersville Ohio. on 3/3/2014
great improvement for any venting
I've used long 90's before, so i decided to try out a combination of two 45's. Both setups work excellent! The 90's are not very forgiving when your pipe is not in an exact straight line. I used mine in conjunction with a home depot adjustable 90 to make my pipes line up easier. Its been installed for a year now and works excellent. I used two 45's on a different project hoping it would allow for more flexibility in lining up pipes. Two 45's do require more clearance, but still fit between floor joists and work great.
Reviewed by: a-p from hillsboro, or. on 11/16/2013
Part of a Comprehensive Solution
The original builder of our house must have hired a bum for a mechanical contractor, because our dryer vent system was blocked, accumulated and then leaked condensate and destroyed the drywall below! Fixing the problem meant restoring airflow. We have an upstairs laundry room venting thru the attic to the roof. Using the long-turn ell resulted in vastly improved airflow and dramatically shorter drying times (120 minutes down to 35-40 minutes!).
Reviewed by: Richard Allocca from Ashburn, VA. on 6/1/2012
Home Owner
I just finished installing the DryerJack Zero, Long Turn 45 degree Ell and Dryer Box in a remodeled laundry room. Each item is a quality piece and I'm most pleased with how the install went together. I had a new roof put on 3 years ago and the installers used a square box with little slats--needless to say it was a perfect lint trap. I can hardly wait to run the dryer for the first time and see how efficient it is.
Reviewed by: Barry Schoen from Washington, DC. on 5/12/2012
Long Run
We live in a log home with a stone foundation. The only available place for a dryer exhaust was 39 feet from the dryer. I used a long turn 90 and 3 45's to weave around drain & waste plumbing in an 14" crawl space. Without the long turn fittings, I would have exceeded the dryer spec run length. The fittings went together easily and installed in a snap. Great product for the difficult situations! I would recommend these products to anyone.
Reviewed by: Bob from Colorado. on 10/18/2011
The 45ell worked great. Loved the way they go together. They have a nice sweep too them.Thanks for the product.
Reviewed by: Brian from T.I. dryer. on 9/15/2011
Excellent dryer products
Your products are of the highest quality compared to anything available locally and the shipping was secure and fast, fast, fast. Pat
Reviewed by: Ned Patterson from Indianapolis, Indiana. on 9/6/2011
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