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DryerJack - extra clearance design - 4" collar
Part Number DJK486
DryerJack - extra clearance design - 4" collar
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The New DryerJack Series hoods are roof vent terminations specifically designed for dryer venting.  Its precision tuned design creates no resistance giving a level of performance previously unavailable in our industry.  Featuring an industry first curved damper, this sturdy 26 gauge Galvalume® steel extra clearance style vent is best suited for medium snowfall regions, sloped roofs with flat profile cement tiles and flat roof installations.  Does not provide adequate clearance for "S" or Barrel Tile roofs.  

Product Features:
  • Virtually Impenetrable to Birds and Rodents
  • Extended collar penetration allows for flat roof installs
  • Industry-first curved damper profile
  • Radius corners to minimize injury
  • Creates no back pressure
  • Complies With IMC 504.4 & IRC 1502.3
  • Built-in 4" Water-tight Collar
  • Duct Cleaning Access Door
  • Available in Powder Coated Black or Brown
  • Made in the USA

Spec Sheet in PDF format [Click Here]

  • 14x12 Inch Flange
  • 6" Wide x 8" Body
  • Part Number DJK486
  • 26 gauge Galvalume® sheet steel
  • Hinged, light gauge galvanized steel bird-proof damper
  • 4" round collar installed in and silicone sealed in bottom plate
  • Carton is 14x14x12 and 4.5 pounds
Additional Description:

This medium sized Galvalume® roof cap has a plate (flange) size of 12” wide x 14” and the structure is 6” wide x 8” and about 8” high.  It has a 4.12 inch diameter collar that excepts typical residential dryer exhaust conduit.  Per building codes, there is no screen in this vent as it is exclusively designed for clothes dryers.  Unlike other roof vents this vent features a unique light-weight damper that is curved which increases the efficiency dramatically.  The final opening is 65% larger than the round pipe portion.  By far, this is the most efficient roof vent on the market. 

The collar penetrates the plate about 1.25 inches and is sealed to the plate with a silicone bead.  It will work on a flat roof as long as there is no chance of standing water greater than 1” and sloped roofs up to 12/12.  Note: Not recommended for use with a high-profile roof tiles like "S", Spanish S as there is only 5 inches between the opening and the bottom plate.  Nest building within would be doubtful due to the slope and shape of the damper.  This vent is proudly made in the USA.

Professional installation is recommended.

Not recommended for flat roofs where the water level could exceed 1” due to the inability of the roofs’ drains to dissipate the water.
Not recommended for for bathroom exhaust fans with less than 70 cfm output.  
Questions and Answers
Q: What is considered a "high snowfall zone"?
Asked by:  - 6/4/2014 (Submit an answer)
A: High snowfall region would be where 12-24 inches of snow is typical or common. This taller design offers a "hood" of the exit point so that at initial dryer start-up, the hot air has a chance to exit and start to melt the snow blocking the exhaust.
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Customer Reviews Average Rating review View All Reviews
Nice Box, unsure about flashing
This is a nice product. It has a thin slit in the front at the base that is supposed to be left open. I wasn't sure the best way to flash it. Also, the center would bulge up and block the thin slit, so be sure to angle your screws out. Just installed it a few weeks ago, so we will see how it works, that's why it gets 4 stars.
Reviewed by: Roy from Baltimore. on 9/19/2014
Bath vent
Used this as a bathroom vent to go on a rubber roof with about a 1/12 pitch. It worked exactly as described. The large flange gave plenty of room for mounting and sealing over the slightly oversized hole in the roof needed to fish out the duct and connect it. Happy!
Reviewed by: maverick50 from White Lake, MI. on 9/10/2014
Very impressed with product so far, my roofer was also impressed, he will recomend it to future customers. The real test will be this winter when we get snow. Thank You for a great product- excellent customer service.
Reviewed by: Brian from Minn.. on 9/1/2014
Snow belt
We live in a high snow area. I really enjoy having the increased venting for my dryer. There was a vent installed that was not meant to go on the roof. All last winter we had to run the dryer a lot longer because of inefficient air flow. I would like to see this model in available in our local stores.
Reviewed by: Ellen from Kincardine, Ontario,Canada. on 8/23/2014
Dryer Jack
Found the Dryer Jack Products on line prior to installing a new roof. As a Real Estate Broker I am always looking for a better product for my customers as well as for my personal use. I was not disappointed, an amazing product, powder coated rather than painted and my Roofer was so impressed he is pursuing use for all his jobs.
Reviewed by: chuck Cox from Mount Dora Fl . 32757. on 8/17/2014
Dryerjack extra clearance roof vent
Customer service via phone was excellent. It was explained to us there was a backlog in production and to check back. We ordered couple weeks later and got the item in mail in good time. Product installation was straight forward. THIS PRODUCT CUT OUR DRYING TIME IN HALF!!! We searched for a product locally in Canada and nothing came close to the superior quality and design of your product. We got the extra clearance design as we had one of the worst winters ever this year here in S. Ontario. More people up here will definitely buy your product if they hear about it.
Reviewed by: Tyrone from Ontario Canada. on 7/24/2014
This is an excellent product. I replaced a Nutone roof vent with this one and the difference is amazing. I own apartments, and will be replacing the old ones with this one.
Reviewed by: Bob from Waukesha, Wisconsin. on 7/24/2014
This vent saved my son a ton of money. He would have had to run too long of a vent pipe had this option not been available. It works perfectly and was easy to install.
Reviewed by: Bob from Vancouver, WA. on 6/20/2014
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