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DryerTrap - Secondary Lint Trap
Part Number DT4
DryerTrap - Secondary Lint Trap
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This Secondary Lint Trap is popular and we’ve seen it used with multiple motives.  NOTE: It is designed to be installed (recessed) in the cell of a 2x6 wall.  Many of our customers have alternatively installed it outside of the wall with leakage issues.  Please read the section below detailing the modifications necessary to minimize pressurized discharge when not recessing the DryerTrap in the wall cavity. 
This 180-degree lint trap exhibits male and female 4 inch connections connected to the 6x6x5.5” deep body.  Framing stud mounting flanges are on each side.  The cover plate door and integral screen is designed to friction lock against ˝” or 5/8” drywall.  The unit is sturdy, well designed and reasonably efficient.  It features one hand operation with the door and screen combined as one solid unit. The door is finished in appliance white (powder coated) with clear inspection window. With a 5-1/2" depth, it can be installed in nominal 6" wood or metal stud walls.  Screen is two layers of metal screen hemmed in a frame. 
Hanging the DryerTrap on the wall or setting the unit on the floor is ok but requires a modification to prevent the pressurized discharge from escaping.  Apply to the inside flat portion of the door circumference a strip of foam style weather-stripping. When closed, the rim will seal against the foam strip minimizing any leakage of air and lint. 
Note: If more than 6 units are desired, either create a second (new) order or contact us prior to completing your order. 
Questions and Answers View all Q&A
Q: What are the dimensions..?
Asked by:  - 6/25/2014 (Submit an answer)
A: See the link in the description above for the spec sheet.
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Q: Is there one designed for 2x4 inch studs?
Asked by:  - 7/2/2014 (Submit an answer)
A: There none that I'm aware of.
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Q: Can this trap be used with a gas dryer? It is currently vented out to a public space, need to add 2nd filter to cut down on lint going into public space.
Asked by:  - 7/3/2014 (Submit an answer)
A: Yes, this trap works for electric or gas dryers.
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Works great!
I have a very small laundry room and I was never able to get to the secondary lint trap that came installed with the house right by the floor, behind the laundry machine. With this DryerTrap Secondary Lint Trap I can finally empty it out!! I installed it myself, which required going to the local Home Depot, getting a metal tube to fit below the trap, some tin snips to get them to length, and I used a piece of sheet metal for extra support underneath the lint trap. A little drywall patching later and my laundry room is how it should have been when the house was built. Thank you DryerTrap!!! xD :)
Reviewed by: Altier from California. on 3/25/2015
Great product
I installed this in my basement surface mounted. So far it works great and catches a lot of lint. My prior set up left me with lint on my patio stuck to the pavers. I also installed the dryer vent, which is great too!
Reviewed by: George from Westchester NY. on 11/21/2014
Great Product
I am a contractor and have used this for one of my clients. It is much better than other ones that I have used. When used with their other innovative products, your dryer becomes much more efficient and safer. They should include the "recommended" foam weatherstrip as part of the kit.
Reviewed by: Dale from Frederick, MD. on 9/19/2014
Lint Trap
Works great. I did follow the recommendations seen in the sites Q&A section by adding 1/2 inch foam weather stripping that I have left over from a door install as well as two machine screws with wingnuts that secured the door to the housing. No leaks! The trap collects an amazing amount of lint with no discernible decrease in the cfm from the dryer. This should be considered a long term fix to prevent lint from entering your ductwork.
Reviewed by: Fred from Universal City, TX. on 8/4/2014
Works great
I love this lint trap. It is really surprising how much the lint trap inside the dryer misses. Now I don't have to clean up the yard around my outside vent exit. As my basement walls are only cement, I couldn't mount in a wall and had to add strip insulation. Easy to do and works great. Would recomment this for any dryer use.
Reviewed by: Lee from UT. on 7/9/2014
Pretty good
Works pretty good, installation was ok. It could use so tabs with holes in them for mounting, and a better system for sealing the door.
Reviewed by: Davin from Kelowna, BC Canada. on 7/9/2014
Great so far
So far so good. It went in well - I built 2x6 walls so it fit perfectly. When I first hooked up the dryer and turned it out the exhaust blew the lint screen insert right our of the Dryer Trap Box! I tried to turn the insert 90degrees and the only way it would fit was the way I had it with the knob in the top left corner. I was afraid I would have to tear my wall out and re-seat the box turning it around. There was no "flow" marking on the box itself and no directions to speak of. I taped the insert on 4 sides to get through the laundry of the day. The next day I played with it a bit more and the insert would fit with the knob on the top left corner. The insert did not "blow out" and seems to work good - so far. There is a bit of exhaust smell on the high heat settings but hope once I seal the drywall with my formica backsplash and finish it the smell will go away (I hope!). I did try to contact the company via email with my concern with NO REPLY!
Reviewed by: Dominic from Dearborn, MI. on 2/5/2014
Dryer Trap - Secondary lint trap
In my previous homes I did not have a basement and did not have the problem of venting the dryer up and out of the basement so I was a little challenged on how to solve this big problem. I was getting lint dust all over, the long exhaust pipe up the basement wall was getting clogged with lint which also accumulated moisture. Big problem! I happened to be out of the country and using a laundry facility at a dorm type building when I noticed that the engineers had installed a locally manufactured secondary lint trap (I came to know that term later after finding the DryerBox website)to service 8 dryers. It was just like the Dryer Trap but industrial sized. I told myself that I would make it myself from scratch. Just before I was heading to the hardware store to buy the materials I happened across the Dryer Box website and ultimately the proverbial answer - the DryerTrap! Long story I know, but I installed it horizontally and took the advice of other postings regarding sealing the box and man oh man does it work like a charm! No more lint all over the basement, no more clogged exhaust pipe. My wife loves it, I love it, the dog loves it!! Thanks DryerBox!
Reviewed by: Dave from Leavenworth, KS. on 1/22/2014
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