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Model 480 Dryerbox - 2x6 wall - universal design
Part Number DB480
Model 480 Dryerbox - 2x6 wall - universal design
New 65% Larger Design - Watch the video
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With the recent popularity of front loader laundry appliances, the addition of a pedestal or stand to increase the height has created perhaps an unknown for the builder in regards to where the Dryerbox will be installed. 

Our response; a 65% larger, more versatile design.   The new model 480 Dryerbox accommodates dryers that are on a pedestal or not and… can be mounted in any direction resulting in a universal receptacle (one size fits all theory). 

Wide enough to fit comfortably in 16 inch on center stud spacing and 4 1/4 inches deep to fit in 2 by 4 walls that have been firred out with one 1x2. 

Previously, in order to service a downward exhaust direction, our “down” box was necessary.  The new 480 accommodates both mounting directions. 
Installs in 2X6 (or 2X4 walls with furring strip) for venting up or down with a larger receiving area to accommodate pedestal and stand-alone dryers.

One Model 480 Dryerbox® - 22 Ga. deep drawn recessed dryer vent box with gas port, measures 4 1/4 inches deep from nailing flange. Mostly for 2x6 construction but will also fit into a 2x4 wall that has been firred out with one 1x2 firring strip.
  • 22 gauge aluminized steel weighing 7.14 pounds each
  • Top port measures 4 1/8" with very slight oval shape
  • Distance from nailing flange to rear of box is 4 1/4"
  • Overall measurements: 23.5" h x 17 3/8" w x 5 1/8" deep
  • Inside measures 14" wide x 20 1/2" tall
  • Five units per carton (optional)
  • Made in the USA
Questions and Answers View all Q&A
Q: I have a full-size, front loading washer/dryer that I stack. This Dryerbox does not have to sit on the ground, does it?
Asked by:  - 6/16/2014 (Submit an answer)
A: Correct. When venting upwards in the wall, and the dryer is stacked or is on a pedestal, then the location of a Dryerbox install is critical to the height of the exhaust outlet of the dryer. If venting upwards, the bottom of the Dryerbox should be the same height as the bottom of the dryers' exhaust port. Hope this helps.
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Answer provided by:  
Q: vent for my dryer currently is hole cut in floor to basement to accomedate dryer hose to outside wall. Have feeling this is not up to code. Any suggestions? Thanks
Asked by:  - 8/24/2014 (Submit an answer)
A: You are correct. Flex pipe going through a floor is not to code. My first reaction was to send you to our photo gallery to visualize other peoples installs, and perhaps it would generate some ideas on how to proceed with your situation. Look at the scenarios at the bottom of this link or page.
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Q: What vent part do I use in/thru the hole in the Model 480? Should I assume something has to be placed thru the hole and floor into the crawl space before the Dryer-Ell can be attached?
Asked by:  - 4/30/2015 (Submit an answer)
A: Good question. If going down and wanting to use a long turn elbow, and likely trying to keep the elbow from protruding through the bottom plane of the floor joist, I would:

get or cut a 3.5" to 4" collar or nipple piece that would engage into the female end of the ell, and then protrude into the dryerbox about 1.75". That puts the ell almost or just touching the 480 dryerbox. So the hole you cut in the floor and bottom plate will have to be big enough to allow the ell to come up partially through the hole.

Short answer is you need a nipple as the ell will not fit into the hole or port of the dryerbox.
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Customer Reviews Average Rating review View All Reviews
New Home Construction
Fit like a glove into the wall. Will open up more floor space in the laundry room and protect the flexible vent hose from being crushed or restricted. Great product and looks good installed. HVAC company had not heard of the product, so I ordered it and had them install it during the construction phase. Should be standard on all new home construction.
Reviewed by: Kevin from AR. on 10/31/2015
Model 480
This is a great product. I first bought a dryerbox about 11 years ago. Now with a new house, bought another one. One complaint. same problem with the one I bought 11 years ago as well. The knockout for the gas pipe is not cut enough to actually get the knockout from the hole. you end up having to drill the hole. Am I the first to comment on this?
Reviewed by: Mark from buffalo ny. on 9/15/2015
Just what I needed
This is a quality product which will last a lifetime. Installation is straight forward. My Dryerbox was shipped immediately. A nice added touch was getting tracking info on the shipping status. This item is highly recommended!!
Reviewed by: Jerry from Crossville, TN. on 11/10/2014
dryer box 480
this dryerbox did exactly what was needed for us. it provided the necessary space for our dryer to fit into the laundry closet easily and be able to close the closet door. solid design and contruction
Reviewed by: Michael from Brooomfield, Colorado. on 3/17/2014
Nice, clean installation
This dryerbox makes a very convenient finish for installing the dryer vent. quite heavy duty and well designed to allow for enough flex between the box and the dryer. One needs to carefully plan their dryer vent run for behind the wall as well stud locations for properly aligning this box with the vent exiting the wall. Overall, I highly recommend this product.
Reviewed by: Bob McDowell from Buffalo, WY. on 2/19/2014
Great Product
Have used products in the past, first time with this model. Construction and installation were excellent and easy respectively. Will definitely use again.
Reviewed by: Thomas from Illinois. on 1/19/2014
Great product
We recently added a laundry room and dimensions were tight. The Dryerbox gave. U s more flexibility in using my dryer closer to the wall. Service was excellent and very prompt.
Reviewed by: Susan from KY. on 11/23/2013
finally a box to fit different brand dryers
This box is wide enough to accomidate switching dryer brands. Less restrictive on different outlet locations. Furring the wall is extra work, but worth it.
Reviewed by: a-p from hillsboro, or. on 11/17/2013
Carton of 5 Model 480 Dryerboxs - 2x6 wall
Carton of 5 Model 480 Dryerboxs - 2x6 wall
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