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Standard Adjustable 4" Ell
Part Number ELL4
Standard Adjustable 4" Ell
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30 gauge sheet metal adjustable elbows (0 to 90 degrees). Sometimes referred to as a 90 or ell. 4" diameter
Note: If more than 48 units are desired, either create a second (new) order or contact us prior to completing your order. 
Questions and Answers
Q: these standard adjustable 4'' ell (part # ELL4)- are these considered long sweeps and can these be used for exhaust venting of commercial clothe dryers?
Asked by:  - 9/11/2014 (Submit an answer)
A: no, this is the typical twisty turney 3.25" radius elbow. Commercial (Laundromat) dryers are generally 6" exhaust. Our long turn ell (Dryer-Ell.com) is a 10" radius ell, and is roughly 500% more efficient than the typical ell. Hope this helps
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Standard Adjustable 4" Ell
this is a standard product i thought i needed to use when installing dryer flex. unfortunately the dryer sat to close to the wall so the elbow broke apart when the dryer was pushed back into place. my error totally. the product is good if you need one.
Reviewed by: m from virginia. on 10/12/2012
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